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Photo : BANCARAS members and advisors, January, 2011 at National press club terrace
Front row: Advisors of the association: form left Shishir Bhattacharjee, Rafiqun Nabi, Qayyum Chowdhury, Ahsan Habib
Back row : From left Manik, Tipu, Mehedi, Ratan (behind Mehedi Haque), Rakibul Hasan, Mitu, Nazmul Masum, Tanmoy, Kawsar Mahmud, Abu, Biplob, Shahriar Sharif, Zonayed, Sadia, Sadat, Shikha, (far behind) Mehdi Hasan, Raehan
The aim of BANCARAS is to primarily keep the cartoonists connecting and sharing their works and thought. BANCARAS plans to arrange several cartoon exhibitions every year addressing different issues. There will be an annual online publication from the organization too, which will have all the significant cartoons of the year. There will be workshops and regular ADDA (meeting) on cartoon issues.

BANCARAS’s vision is to make a global impression of Bangladeshi cartoon. BANCARAS keeps cartoonists connected by gathering with the work and thought of them. BANCARAS plans to arrange one cartoon exhibitions every year focusing different issues.
On 4th January 2011 BANCARAS started its journey as the first organized politically neutral association of cartoonists. The Bangladesh Cartoonist’s association aspires to be a platform where all the Bangladeshi cartoonists can showcase their work.

DHAKATOON : the start! The first exhibition of BANCARAS called “Dhaka Toons” was held inside the national press club between January 9 to January 1, 2011. The Dhaka Toons exhibition was mainly focused on the day to day issues we face living in Dhaka. Over 71 cartoons were featured highlighting different aspects and the common problems of Dhaka City. Dhaka Toons exhibition primarily featured cartoons that poked fun at the hassles of living in Dhaka; such as electricity, fuel and water crisis, crime, corruption and traffic jam. A total of 34 cartoonists participated in the event which was inaugurated by the famous Bangladeshi artist Qayyum Chowdhury.

Veterans and amateurs alike were featured in this exhibition, from celebrated cartoonists like Shahriar Sharif, Ahsan Habib, Mehedi Haque, Shishir Bhattayacharjee, Tarikul Islam Shanto to new comers from various magazines and news papers. The exhibition featured cartoonists from Unmad, New Age, Shamakal and various other local news papers. The three day exhibition was met with a huge response by cartoonists, fan and the general curious masses. BANCARAS established on January 2011 by organizing a cartoon exhibition, however its official work was started earlier by a gathering of some junior cartoonist at Unmad office presided by the Editor of Unmad Ahsan Habib on June 2010.
Qayyum Chowdhury inaugurating Bangladesh Cartoonist Association's journey