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Bangladesh cartoonist association (BANCARAS) is an organization of professional and amateur cartoonists. This is a general platform to connect the cartoonists of the country. The organization has been formed in the January, 2011. The organization has been formed by the young professional cartoonists. Four renowned senior cartoonists are performing the advisory board of the organization- Rafiqun nabi (Ronobi), Ahsan Habib, Shishir Bhattacharya and Shahrier khan. There is an executive body to operate the organization of 11 members. All of the members are young cartoonists.


The aim of BANCARAS is to primarily keep the cartoonists connecting and sharing their works and thought. BANCARAS plans to arrange several cartoon exhibitions every year addressing different issues. There will be an annual online publication from the organization too, which will have all the significant cartoons of the year. There will be workshops and regular ADDA (meeting) on cartoon issues. BANCARAS’s vision is to make a global impression of Bangladeshi cartoon. BANCARAS keeps cartoonists

BANCARAS members and advisors, January, 2011 at National press club terrace

Front row: Advisors of the association: form left Shishir Bhattacharjee, Rafiqun Nabi, Qayyum Chowdhury, Ahsan Habib Back row : From left Manik, Tipu, Mehedi, Ratan (behind Mehedi Haque), Rakibul Hasan, Mitu, Nazmul Masum, Tanmoy, Kawsar Mahmud, Abu, Biplob, Shahriar Sharif, Zonayed, Sadia, Sadat, Shikha, (far behind) Mehdi Hasan, Raehan
connected by gathering with the work and thought of them. BANCARAS plans to arrange one cartoon exhibitions every year focusing different issues. On 4th January 2011 BANCARAS started its journey as the first organized politically neutral association of cartoonists. The Bangladesh Cartoonist’s association aspires to be a platform where all the Bangladeshi cartoonists can showcase their work.

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Approximately $20.2 billion of revenue during fiscal year 2018
We’ve manged more than 130 extraordinary projects
We are now a big family of employees exceeding 150

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History of Bangladeshi Cartoon

Cartooning in Bangladesh, or for that matter in the Indian subcontinent, cannot be precisely dated. When people call cartooning in the global context, they readily think about the Punch magazine which started coming out in 1841 although the term and its use dated back to the Middle Ages, being applied to preparatory drawing for a piece of art. In its modern senses, humorous illustrations in magazines and newspapers attested in the 19th century and comic strips attested in the early 20th century,

cartooning came to this part of the world at the hands of the English people, with people of the subcontinent later picking it up. Cartoons, mostly political, began appearing in some English-owned newspapers such as Bengal Harkara and Indian Gazette in the 1850 but after the publication of the satirical magazine Punch, Fun and the Pall Mall Gazette, burgeoning publishers in Indian started to wake up to the trend, with the English-owned Delhi Sketch Book, lasting for seven years till the uprising of 1857. Partha Mitter is credited with publishing the first ‘Indian’ cartoon in Amrita Bazar Patrika in May 1872 as the periodical was India-owned and in an Indian language. Later two more periodicals of cartoons, Basantaka (1874–1875) and Panchananda (1878–1883) were published in Bengali. Some famous cartoonists of the subcontinent who worked for the last half of the past century were Abu Abraham,