First formation Exhibition in 2011


Swiming pool Meeting in 2016


Second meeting November 9, 2010

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    First formation Exhibition in 2011
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    Swiming pool Meeting in 2016
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    Second meeting November 9, 2010

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Bancaras - Bangladesh Cartoonist Association

About Us

Bangladesh Cartoonist Association (BANCARAS) is an organization of the cartoonists of Bangladesh established in January 2011. The aim of the organization is to work as a common platform for countrywide cartoonists. BANCARAS keeps cartoonists connected by...

Aim & journey

BANCARAS established on January 2011 by organizing a cartoon exhibition, however its official work was started earlier by a gathering of some junior cartoonist at Unmad office presided by the Editor of Unmad Ahsan Habib (cartoonist) on June 2010...


Cartooning in Bangladesh, or for that matter in the Indian subcontinent, cannot be precisely dated. When people call cartooning in the global context, they readily think about the Punch magazine which started coming out in 1841 although the term and its use dated back to the...
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Cartoons Portray
Screen Addiction

In today’s technology-driven world, almost all of us spend a major part of our daily life staring at the screens of television sets, smartphones or computers.
We depend on them for multiple reasons, including work, entertainment and others. However, the more time we spend watching the screens the less we...
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Ahsan Habib
Ahsan HabibAdvisor
Rafiqun Nabi
Rafiqun NabiAdvisor
Shishir Bhattacharjee
Shishir BhattacharjeeAdvisor
Shahrier Khan
Shahrier Khan Advisor

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Zahid Hasan Benu
Zahid Hasan BenuPresident
Abu Hasan
Abu HasanSecretary
Mehedi Haque
Mehedi HaqueJoint Secretary
Sadatuddin Ahmed Amil
Sadatuddin Ahmed AmilOrganizing Secretary

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